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Why stock reusable coffee capsules?

It's said Australians are consuming about three million pods a day. More than 1.5 million households in Australia own a pod machine, a number forecast to double by 2018 with reports the capsule coffee market is on track to overtake the grocery bean market.  - Sunshine Coast Daily, 2015

A positive shift is happening - single-use items, from plastic cups, to plastic bags, are being banned around the globe. But what about coffee single-use coffee pods? As of 2018, it's estimated that Aussies are consuming a whopping 6 million pods per day. 

Join us in our fight against waste. We want to help transform your customers into habitual reusers! Crema Joe's mission is to shift behaviour from "discard" to "reuse", helping communities to reduce their impact. We are excited to work with likeminded retailers, cafes and roasters to help amplify the conversation around waste reduction, responsible business, and inspiring behavioural change.

"...the best flavour & a crema I didn’t think was possible from pod machines."

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